Building a strong brand is more than simply having a memorable logo or tagline.

It’s much more than the product or service that you offer. A brand is a feeling of being mutually connected to something greater – something meaningful.


Brands are developed not only within the organization, but outside of it, and by its followers. Branding happens when the things that resonate for you and your company also resonate for your customers. When this happens your customer soon find themselves identifying with your mission, vision and lifestyle.


Building a positive communication between you and your followers is the way to build your brand. Companies that fail in this regard are simply companies. Brands are special.

What is a Brand?  Everything!


A brand is your mark. It is how people identify your product or service. A brand is what distinguishes your company from another company. A brand should be planned and easily recognizable in print, online and on your signage and packaging.


A brand has more value. Once Tom of Tom’s Electrical is no longer with the company it does not have the same value.


Why Re-Brand?


Re-branding is done to bring a company up to date. It indicates a fresh beginning, a commitment to growth and a new generation. It lets the public know that great things are ahead for the company and the people it serves.

















Style Guide/Branding Standards


A Style Guide is a tidy package containing the details of your brand with colors, fonts, layouts and variations of your brand for different applications. This can be sent to your print, apparel and sign vendors to get the job done right.




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