New Logo:

This new logo design is an evolution of the existing symbol which was ready for an update.

The customer didn't want to get away from the original chef that was beloved by a lot of local Wauke-shites

Previous logo


New Website

The slider shows different dishes the  Jimmy's produces. Originally we proposed online ordering but now the "call to action" button sends the customer to the Menu and/or Phone ordering.


We set out to brand the "Ponza" as the original item that it is while showing just how long Jimmy's Grotto has been doing what it's doing.    Take a look ... Jimmy's Grotto website.


Logo Guideline Sheet:


This is a .pdf file that lightly details usage, color, typestyles and offers some variations for your logo.


Since this is in the .pdf format, it can be emailed and used as "vector" high resolution artwork for your printer, signmaker, screenprinter or embroiderer. Anywhere you need to send out art and maintain the graphic standards you expect to be followed.


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Once you have a new logo, why not come up with some snappy slogans and a new t-shirt? The Grotto sells these in their on-line store via the Jimmy's Grotto website. This is actually 2 shirts, the front is the attractive new Jimmy logo and the backs will have different graphics.  Not only are these a profit center, they also promote the brand and that is what we like:-)

                                                                           There will be many more shirt designs to come.

Ball Cap

A custom Baseball cap for the Jimmy's Grotto softball team. This cap will also be available for sale in the online store.

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Jimmy pint glasses, the perfect accompaniment for a Ponzo Rotta is a cold glass of beer! Like the tshirt, the glass will be 2 sided with the Jimmy logo and slogans. These are also will be available in the  Jimmy's Grotto online store as well.

Specials Magnet

Keep track of consistant daily specials with a magnet on your

fridge. This is used in several other places as a graphic as well.

Approx size: 7" x 4"


Car Top Delivery Signage


This is magnetically attached (w/ alternate strap) Illuminated and powered by the lighter outlet in the vehicle.


Tri-fold Print Menu & Coupons


Tri-fold menu for take out customers that matches the website and branding programs.

See what you can do with a logo?